Kris Stewart has developed a focus on 3d game programming for undergraduate computer science students at San Diego State University. Her recent publication is available online from the ACM Portal as 3D game programming as service-learning for CS students from our SDSU Library Database

Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges
Volume 24 , Issue 4 (April 2009)
SECTION: Papers of the Second Anual CCSC Southwestern Conference
Pages 246-251
Year of Publication: 2009 ISSN:1937-4771

Kris Stewart attended the Summer 2006 pICT workshop at SDSU and learning of new tools. WikiSpaces was introduced on Monday and she wants to link up with her home page

Kris Stewart Home Page on

Professor, Computer Science, SDSU CS Home Page
Education Associate with the San Diego Supercomputer Center, SDSC
Faithful Worshipper of Eric Clapton, Where's Eric Home Page

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